We are about unleashing Canadian corporate sector leadership to lead from profit with purpose.

At Open Spaces Learning, we are corporate culture game changers. We design and deliver strategic culture-shifting programs that cultivate effective workplaces in line with values and purpose.
Benefits include a 30% increase in productivity, employee engagement and innovation.

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Shifting Culture: The Hidden Tool in Achieving CSR Goals


By Corey Pembleton, Intern, Open Spaces Learning There are several important aspects involved in achieving CSR-related goals at the organizational level – one of the most important being a shifted.. Read more

Who Do You Need to Wake Up?


By Leslie Bennett & Heather Shapter, Open SpacesĀ LearningĀ  Report from the 11th CBSR Summit, The Transformational Company: Applied Note: the author represented CSRwire at the CBSR Summit in Toronto, Canada… Read more

Attending the Clinton Global Initiative: A Personal Highlight


Attending the Clinton Global Initiative: A Personal 2013 Highlight By Heather Shapter At the end of Sept 2013, I got to fulfill a dream for the second time this year.. Read more