High Performing Cultures

In the new era of business leadership, corporate culture alignment is essential. Alignment occurs when diverse employee teams are speaking and acting from shared values and a unifying purpose. Peer-to-peer partnerships become strengthened by mutual honour and trust. Employees experience a sense of being supported, of not spinning their wheels, and of finding efficiency and innovation more easily.

To achieve corporate culture alignment, we leverage the natural groups within it. Organizations are made up of individuals who naturally gravitate towards certain people or groups due to similar interests or common work projects. People naturally tribe. The power, commitment and loyalty these naturally forming groups possess can be immense. Passion for organizational success is re-ignited and leadership evolves from a ‘me’ to ‘we’ mindset.

Open Spaces Learning uses cutting edge, culture-shifting methodologies that have successfully transformed companies around the world. Clients have experienced a 30% increase in productivity, employee engagement and innovation.

One of the methodologies we use is called Tribal Leadership. The Tribal Leadership Model was validated and tested in a 10-year study of 24,000 people and maps the five stages of organizational culture and the unique leverage points that can be used to nudge a group forward to higher levels of performance. Tribal Leadership focuses on supporting organizations to shift their culture from one that is about the individual’s needs and results to one that focuses on the tribe’s needs.

Is your culture hindering you from delivering on your business strategy or initiative? We can help. We also have unique expertise related to mental health, healthy workplace and employee engagement and can identify and facilitate relationships between community, government and corporate partners to help you advance these kinds of initiatives.
Here’s just a sample of the outcomes our clients have experienced:

Collaboration and innovation: We have a consistent structure for collaboration and innovation with each other and with our strategic partners. We would not have even come up with the shared goal idea which offers the potential for different parts of the business to work differently together.

Bonded team: We connected across the distance and focused on a common set of values to drive results faster, minimize re-work, and provide even greater value to those we support.

Pride: Our employees were re-engaged during a time of staff reduction and budget cuts.

Engagement: Through “pitching” the projects we’re working on, others were moved to take immediate action and we increased buy-in, ownership and results.

Accountability and Motivation: People are doing what they said they would do and are supporting others to do the same. There is ease and increased motivation that was not there before.

Diversity: Multiple ethnic cultures are working seamlessly together; decision-making is simplified by using shared core values as common ground.

Leveraging Assets: In the past if we didn’t get the results we were looking for, our productivity would have been slowed because we didn’t look to our assets [relationships, champions, networks and other resources] to support movement forward.

Enhanced decision making: I used my core values to guide my decision making. Even when a solution was not at first readily apparent, I kept coming back to my core values until a solution was found.

Influence and impact: We were able to engage a key stakeholder for an important project to participate in a triad (group of three set up for peer to peer accountability and support) structure.

Mentorship: Leadership development and coaching investments made a year ago bore fruit with staff requesting advice on how to leverage culture to upgrade performance.

Bringing forth leadership and results: I was able to take time off and set up my team in a way that called forth their leadership. Things ran very smoothly in my absence. My team’s performance exceeded my expectations and we saw excellent results in revenue generation and volume expansion.