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Results completed in 70 days based on a 90 day goal! I have good news to share with you… And, I want you to know that it’s because of your professional coaching and gentle nudging, that I have accomplished these goals. 🙂 Being held accountable to you all these weeks has empowered me to forge a new path. I was able to release the fear of public speaking and actively pursue speaking opportunities. I wrote letters, made phone calls and the Universe unfolded. Anne Colleen, Coaching Participant 2013

Results completed in 60 days based on a 90 day goal! The difference between now and when I started the program is remarkable. Leslie provided me with the support and tools I needed to turn my thinking around and develop confidence in living with bipolar disorder. We exceeded my goals and actually set and met new ones throughout the program. Although it was difficult, Leslie ushered me through with confidence, kindness and good humour. I cannot recommend her highly enough. This program provided me with practical tools and strategies to develop strength around living with bipolar disorder. Leslie helped me shed years of shame, and the confidence I feel transcends my condition and benefits me in all areas of my life. This was an invaluable investment. Heather, Coaching Participant 2013

Raising my level of personal effectiveness: Leslie and I worked together for about a year, and it really helped me, not just to get a handle on my illness but to raise my level of personal effectiveness.  Particularly, clearing my head and running thru priorities with her became a regular part of my prep for key board meetings.  She was tremendous – positive, focused, tireless and inspiring. David, Coaching Participant 2014

Defined my key values I decided to work with Leslie to look at and shift my pattern of overextending and over committing, leaving little time and energy to achieve personal goals. Our work centred on defining my key values, setting a boundary of no more than two evenings committed to outside causes, and learning to say no with grace. It’s been more than a year since we completed our 90 day coaching program, and I still refer to and apply what I learned during that time. I am so grateful as I now put family and personal pursuits top of the list and am more effective in what I do commit to outside of home and work. Paige, Coaching Participant, 2014