Unleash Your Mental Wellness Coaching Program

If you have been living with a mental health diagnosis, you might be feeling like you are alone. You might be afraid of asking for help or disclosing your illness. You might even be frustrated with the lack of strategies and tools available to support you in making real progress with your mental wellness goals. Leslie has been there.

Leslie is an experienced Professional Certified Coach but more importantly she’s lived with bipolar disorder for over 18 years and has been stable and effective without an episode since 1997.

Unleash your mental wellness by partnering with Leslie in a one-on-one coaching relationship for the next three months. You’ll benefit from tools and techniques that will move you toward achieving a mental wellness goal of your choosing.

Here’s what you can expect

  • Ten weekly one-hour live sessions with Leslie via Skype or telephone and unlimited support via email/text.
  • Support in putting a strategy and plan into place so you can achieve success.
  • Presence with what you need. Work at your own pace to achieve your goals.
  • Peer support. You have someone who can relate to what you are going through and who is available to support you in your mental health goals.
  • A nurturing, client-focused environment that is totally in service of what you want.

For a complimentary initial consultation, please contact Leslie. It’s an opportunity to get to know one another and gain an understanding of what the coaching process would be like. Click here to schedule a consultation: