Our Partners

We partner with and seek out organizations with values and a purpose that aligns with that of Open Spaces Learning.   

W_mhic_logo_orange_v1 (1)Mental Health Innovations is a social enterprise dedicated to assisting organizations in implementing simple, tangible, and pragmatic solutions related to mental health. Our innovative approach is geared towards reversing the current trend in this fast-growing area of concern while supporting corporate leaders looking to move beyond the traditional methods of care.


Starlingbrook-Leadership-Consulting_logoAt StarlingBrook, we believe every employee has the right to work in an environment that contributes to positive mental health.  Our healthy workplace initiatives help you create a company culture that fosters ethical leadership, motivated employees, and psychologically safe workplaces. Our suite of services focuses on the concept of collective leadership – teaching leaders to recognize, encourage and pool strengths from the collective with the goal of creating the best, healthiest company possible.


Mindfull employerMindful Employer Canada is a not-for-profit social enterprise launched by Mary Ann Baynton in appreciation for the employers, union reps, and managers across Canada who strive to support employees with mental health concerns. It provides a way to show their commitment to supporting employee and workplace mental health.

Mindful Employer is not about always “doing it right”. It signifies an awareness of the impact we have on the mental health of others in the workplace and an intention to support a mentally healthy workplace.



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