Corporate Culture Alignment

The Missing Link – Why 70% of Corporate Strategies Fail and How Corporate Culture Alignment can Change That. 

The benefits of cultural alignment are compelling. The costs of ignoring it are even more so. This article depicts what Corporate Cultural Alignment is, its benefits, and how it can be implemented. You will also be given several actions you can take today in your organization to begin alignment and, at the same time, drastically increase the likelihood that your strategies will succeed.

To learn more about the missing link and why 70% of corporate strategies fail and how corporate culture alignment can change that link here.


Why Sustainability Strategies Goes Wrong and How to Make Yours Work

You’re responsible for your company’s corporate sustainability strategy.
You want it to succeed. If it succeeds, your company will likely enjoy
greater staff commitment, greater innovation, higher earnings, higher
profitability. Sounds good, right? Except that most sustainability strategies don’t
succeed. Why not? Because most companies ignore the basic building blocks of a successful strategy.

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How Open Spaces Learning Helps Companies Excel

What to learn more about how other orgnaizations have impacted their culture and what you can do for yours? Link here. 


Culture is one of the greatest untapped areas for increasing an organization’s performance.  In the following videos, learn more about how to leverage your organizational culture.

Heather Shapter and Leslie Bennett presenting Culture: The Untapped Goldmine for Productivity, Innovation and Engagement.

Running time: 12 minutes


Eight Canadian C-Level Executives discuss “Why Business Strategies Fail”

Running time: 21 minutes



Culture Model

The leadership model for the 21st century requires that people in every role in their company be leaders in the positions they happen to hold. Leadership is no longer about executives and senior managers dictating what needs to happen. The solution is found in how you establish and master relationships and partnerships as a leader. Ultimately, you have to develop the leader within you and then support those around you to do the same.

Once it takes hold, a person is never the same again. The methodology to which this approach refers is called Tribal Leadership. It enables you to:

  • Increase production from three to five times
  • Hire and staff the ideal talent for your team or department
  • Achieve things you never thought you could realistically accomplish

These principles were validated and tested in a 12-year study on 24,000 people (published as the NY Times bestselling book Tribal Leadership by Dave Logan and John King). This study mapped – for the first time – five stages of corporate culture and the unique leverage points that can be used to nudge a group forward to higher levels or performance.

Ted Talk Video: David Logan on Tribal Leadership

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