We are corporate culture game changers.

This is what we do.

We specialize in helping companies realize business and social impact. By establishing shared values and supportive team structures, we shift company culture to enable diverse employee teams to lead from common purpose, meeting both business and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives. By working with Open Spaces Learning, companies can expect:

  • increased employee engagement
  • greater productivity (at least 30%)
  • improved strategic alignment on business and sustainability goals

Cultural Assessment for Successful CSR Strategies

A cultural assessment is used to inform the kind of support required in an organization to have any CSR strategy succeed. The assessment identifies the dominant cultural stage of employees and stakeholders, allowing for a customized initiative to build upon the current way of operating to one of heightened engagement, collaboration, ownership and innovation throughout the organization. For more information click here.

Making the business case

Profit with purpose.  We articulate the value created in affected departments when the CSR strategy is aligned with brand, core competencies, corporate culture and engaged employees.


Integrating CSR strategies throughout the company

Effective and stable CSR strategies must be anchored in employee values and supported by corporate culture.  We design and deliver strategic programs that bring to the surface the CSR programs that connect to employee values and shift corporate culture to support them.  Benefits include a 30% increase in productivity, employee engagement and innovation.

Creating smart partnerships that forward the CSR strategy

Today’s social and environmental challenges can only be solved through collaboration.  Open Spaces Learning identifies and facilitates relationships between the community, government and corporate partners that can forward your company’s CSR goals.

Presenting to inform and inspire

Our speaking engagements support executives to work from a ‘profit with purpose’ business model. We make it possible for vanguard companies to be able to bridge the gap between corporate social responsibility strategies and a culture that pulls for those strategies to succeed. Employees leave our talks with actionable ideas and practical solutions to their most pressing challenges.